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We are officially in the video game making business. Our vision is to make games with a Christian message. Our flagship Christian game is going to be Key of David. As we grow, we intend to market and support other Christian games including board games and card games through an online store. Joining our email list helps us build support in these early stages where building a following is just as important as selling stuff.


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Concept Art

Check out the concept characters we have currently come up with. These characters may change in look as we progress through the game making process.


Natural Leader
Her path of encountering the Lord is one of the most difficult. Her deep compassion for others is often hidden by a cold exterior that results from struggling with her own redemption.


This cowboy goes out of his way to take care of all members of the team and also has a strong connection with the Spirit.


Main Hero
He is the reluctant anti-hero that "didn't sign up for this". He also seems to be the least "Christian" of the four. Since God deals most directly with Michael with regards to his mission plans, he seems often the most mentally stressed.


She loves books, quoting philosophers, and has a deep appreciation for the beauty of God's creation. She also loves the sport of battle and often throws caution to the wind.

Masked Messenger

Not much is known about the Masked Messenger. He works directly for God and seems to show up in the most random of situations.

The Team

David Watson


Chantal Watson

Right now the core team is Chantal and David Watson. Chantal is an experienced small business woman, software engineer, and web developer with a Bachelors degree in marketing. David is a software engineer by trade and a small business owner. They love working together and plan to do so forever.
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